Questions About The Ninetendo/C64 Purse

I’ve been receiving many questions about the purse, so I thought I’d answer some of the popular ones here.

Produce: At the moment I don’t have plans to produce the purse, although being a toy designer I’m not apposed to designing this for mass production if a toy company approaches me about it.

Sell: FMCG has decided that most of the prototypes will be sold for charity. We’re not sure when this will happen exactly.

The Idea: I’ve always liked mobile computing and wearable computing, so ideas like this are always on my mind. I actually acquired the purse while at a second hand store when a creepy acting guy came up to me and handed it to me. I politely took it and moved away from him. While I continued to shop I realized that it was the perfect dimensions for a screen and controller.

Room inside: I have enough room in it for small items like credit cards, lipstick, etc.

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